Can anything be done teeth shrieked jaw/gums? (photos)

I've had Invisalign years ago,doctor decided to keep all my natural teeth. As you can see my right side canine teeth is missing. my smile is hideous. Really dislike it and makes me feel so unconfident!my teeth have all been closed together and my right side is horrible. Also have gaps in my teeth .Not visible on pics.think it's because of the way my teeth have been cut into shape I feel they need to be closer together from the top.lower teeth are fine any suggestions on how I can correct?

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There are options

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Make an appointment with a highly trained cosmetic dentist for a consultation. They will give you options which are possible after examining you. It may be possible to do veneers only on the right side to make your premolar look like a canine and then fill out the right side to look more symmetrical with the left side. 
Douglas Jopling,  DDS Dallas Texas area

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