Surgeon says reoccurring infection is probably long term dissolvable suture thats knotted/causing irritation..opinions?

I'm surprised that at 9 months post op a dissolvable suture would still be in there. Could a knot in the suture cause it to not dissolve as fast and therefore cause irritation and possibly infection? This is not my original surgeon (i cannot go back to my original one) so he is going by what he sees visually and what was written on the post op report. He wants to prick it with a needle and pull it out (if its there at all). is this safe to do at 9 months post op? Could it be something else?

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Difficulties with long term dissolvable suture

I'm sorry you're having this distressing difficulty so long after your rhinoplasty.  The short answer to your question is yes, a long term dissolvable suture may still be present and can give some difficulties.  If it isn't obviously infected, I don't feel that you'd have to do anything, as it should hopefully resolve itself without having to put you through more.  However, if it is infected (red, swollen, draining?) then seeing your physician and properly treating it is necessary.  I'd make sure that there wasn't any other type of implant used in your surgery as well.  If not, then yes, the suture is the most likely culprit.

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Recurring Infection After Rhinoplasty

It is possible that a long lasting absorbable suture (PDS) may have been used, or there may be a recurring infection of a permanent suture.  Most other types of absorbable suture should be long gone at this point. This may represent an antibiotic resistant bacterial process. If this were found to be the case, use of chlorhexidine body wash, muporicen ointment via nasal swabs, and appropriate antibiotics would be called for.  Best to continue seeing your new Surgeon.  Good luck. 

Stephen Prendiville, MD
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Stitch abscess

This does sound like a stitch abscess. Some times a knot will fail to dissolve and can become a nidus for infection. If the retained knot can be removed it will likely heal.

William H. Gorman, MD
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