What size will be the correct size? (Photos)

I'm having my mastectomy corrected after 5 years. Currently my implants are under the muscle, sitting too high I feel and very flat and also move/dent when I tense my chest muscles.In 3 days I'm getting over the muscle high profile implants put in with a full strattice. Naturally I was a 34dd. What would be the right size for me now? I'm 5ft 8 and around 168lbs which is about 7lbs heavier than my ideal.

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Right size

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Congratulations on revising your reconstruction. Every woman should look the way they are the most comfortable. With your height, I agree you should definitely go bigger. The exact size depends on how you want to look. Consult with your plastic surgeon and perhaps experiment with implants in a bra to get the general feel of how you will look postoperatively. DD may not be possible or desireable but does give your surgeon an idea of what you used to look like. Do you want to look as close to your preop size as you can? Express this to your surgeon and I am sure he/she will accommodate you as much as possible. Sometimes downsizing a bit is necessary but I am optimistic that if you are straightforward with your surgeon regarding what you want, you will be happy. If you are not sure that your doctor is understanding your wishes, get a second opinion. Good luck and take care.

Size after mastectomy

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Everyone has different opinions of how they would like to look after mastectomy surgery. Talk to your doctor about how large you would like your final result to be and they should give you an honest opinion as to how possible that would be to achieve. Good luck! 

Fat Graft.

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Your implants are high because they are positioned under the major pectoralis muscle. I am guessing you must have had radiotherapy too. What I would suggest is to have your implants changed to a dual plane position and some fat grafting to adjust contour. this will lower your implants and still have the protection of the muscle. The fat graft to the breast will also provide more volume and correct the depressions, specially in the scar area.

Andre Eyler, MD
Brazil Plastic Surgeon

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