I'm getting BA on Tuesday 2nd August but I'm scheduled to be at a family wedding on Friday the 5th how will I be feeling?

Will I be able to go?

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BA Recovery prior to social event

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To be able to participate in the festivities may be difficult 3 days after surgery.  You may want to move the surgery up or delay until the wedding event has passed.  You should discuss this with your surgeon.

Should I get undergo a breast augmentation 3 days before family wedding?

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I don't recommend attending an event such as a wedding 3 days after a breast augmentation. There will likely be frequent hugging at the event. This may not only be somewhat painful, but also slightly increase the risk of bleeding or hematoma. This is an elective procedure, I suggest you schedule it when you have adequate time to recover.  You should discuss this situation with your Plastic Surgeon.

Breast augmentation

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If you are only 3 days out from breast augmentation, it could be pretty tough to go to a family wedding so soon after surgery.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Everyone seems to agree on this one, It is possible to make it but doubtful it will the best time at a wedding you will have.  I would make sure none will be hurt if you decide you can't make it.

John S. Alspaugh, MD, FACS
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

Depends on you

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you certainly can go from a medical standpoint. However it depends on how 
you feel. I have had many patients by then who are either off their narcotics 
or are only taking them at night. Clearly, if you are needing narcotics every 
4 hours at this point, you may not feel up to a wedding. 
you certainly will NOT want to be dancing up a storm that night!!

i have my post op patients begin stretching immediately after surgery, which I 
think, helps them bounce back much, much quicker.

you will have upper pole swelling which is normal and can be hidden depending
on what you elect to wear. 

If you can, wait to the last minute before deciding if you will go to the wedding.
This way, you won't be canceling unnecessarily, nor will you feel pressured to 
go, if you don't feel up to it.

good luck
david berman md

Breast aug on the 2nd. Wedding on the 5th?

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It is really tough to advise you with regards to how quickly you will recover.  I would certainly consider it very optimistic to plan on attending a wedding 3 days post-operatively, but not impossible.  Good luck!

Wedding three days after a breast aug

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Whether or not you will be ok depends on a few things...how your surgery goes, the size implant you get, and most of all, your individual pain tolerance. 

I went to a birthday party the day after my own augmentation and felt fine, but there are some important things to consider. I have my own suggestions, but definitely check with your surgeon as well. 

1. Wear whatever bra or wrap is suggested by your surgeon and plan your outfit around it. Going without a bra that early after surgery can make your breasts more swollen and sore and might increase your chance of s complication.

2. Be very careful about your activity. Don't dance (unless it is slow dancing) and don't raise your arms too frequently to give people hugs. The motion itself is not so bad, but a lot of repetition will make you sore and can even make it more likely to get a collection of fluid (seroma) or blood (hematoma). Also, if someone hugs too hard it can really hurt! 

3. Don't drink. Even if you are no longer on narcotics, alcohol is a blood thinner and can increase the chances of bleeding after surgery. 

4. You might want to keep the event short. You will be tired after surgery, and your body needs rest to recover. This is not the best day to go to an after party or to join everyone out after the official events are over. 

Hopefully your surgery goes smoothly and you have a good time!

Dana Goldberg, MD
Jupiter Plastic Surgeon
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I'm getting BA on Tuesday 2nd August but I'm scheduled to be at a family wedding on Friday the 5th how will I be feeling?

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Your implants will be high, and you will be sore. You will not be comfortable in tight fitting clothing and you won't feel like hugging people. You may still be on pain medication, so no alcoholic beverages. Good luck!

Breast Aug Recovery

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That is a tight schedule with no room for variation. In my practice, maybe half would be "O.K." but even then there would be activity restrictions. Every patient and surgery is different so there is no way to predict your course. Also, there is around a 2% chance of developing a post-operative hematoma which would likely cause you to miss the wedding. I advise patients to leave plenty of time for unforeseen issues to be dealt with if planning surgery before an important event.

Breast Augmentation recovery

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Thanks for your inquiry. I think you need to discuss this with your surgeon.  At three days you do not have much reserve to make a mistake--let me explain.  Going to a large social event often requires clothes that may be difficult to wear, activities like hugging, dancing that may put you at risk, and this time of year HEAT-like outdoors that makes you excessively sweat onto wounds, etc.  None of these activities have to cause a problem, but if they do you obviously would regret it.  

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