Can I get Ptosis Surgery four months after DST (Double Suture Twist) eyelid surgery?

I underwent DST surgery to get double eyelids and I realised that one eyelid was "thicker" than the other. I went back to the doctor and he told me that I have ptosis on my right eye, hence why my right eye's eyelid appeared "thicker". Is it possible for me to undergo ptosis surgery even though I already got DST? I'm really confused and I hope someone would be able to help advise me.

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Yes and when the surgery is performed, an open version of your current double fold surgery will be needed.

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If you have confidence in tour eyelid surgeon, presumably they can do the work.  However can that presumption be made?  Not every surgeon who does DST is actually any good with anterior levator aponeurosis ptosis repair ptosis surgery.

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Eyelid ptosis surgery blepharoplasty

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Yes one can eyelid ptosis after previous double eyelid surgery. See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation. See following link and video too.

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