4 days post-op - genioplasty care

Hi, had a sliding genioplasty four days ago. Couple of complications with a lot of bleeding but calmed down now. Do I need bed/sofa rest? How fragile is the jaw? Can I go for a walk around the block without running a risk? Will I break it if I accidentally roll on my face at night? If I shave - stubble is driving me nutz - will the pressure risk damaging the new join? Thanks for your help. I don't want to mess up the great work the surgeon has done.

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Recovery After Genioplasty

Post operative instructions need to come from your doctor. We all have our own post operative routine. I would advise against piecing your own together from multiple doctors.. Call your doc!!

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Sliding genioplasty

I think the best person to ask these questions are your surgeon as they know exactly what happened during the surgery.

No need for bed rest.

Chin is fragile for 4-5 months - Therefore no contact activity

Walking is OK

Rolling over should be OK

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