Can you have a breast lift without an implant? If so, what is the cost?

can you have a breast lift with out an implant? If so what is the cost ?

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Can you have a breast lift without an implant? If so, what is the cost?

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Yes, you can have a lift without implants. I would be better to look at your pictures to give you an accurate opinion. Sometimes the patient does need an implant when we do a Breast Lift if the patient needs more fullness or projection. A Breast Lift may reduce your cup size a, so that's something to consider. A personal consultation will be best for you. I hope this answer was helpful. 

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The Horndeski Method™

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I recommend a new technique called The Horndeski Method™.The breast tissue is reshaped creating upper pole fullness without implants, elevated higher on the chest wall and more medial to increase your cleavage.This technique avoids the ugly vertical scars associated with the traditional technique, maintains nipple sensation and the ability to breast feed.The cost is approximately $13,000.

Best Wishes,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Absolutely! But it depends on what you look like...

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If you have enough to lift, certainly you don't need an implant.  However, I've had women looking for a "lift" but what they really want is fullness in the upper part of the breast (like you get with a push-up bra).  If THAT's what you're looking for, a lift is the wrong surgery.  That can only be accomplished with either an implant or fat grafting.  Pricing is all over the board.  It depends on what type of lift you need and who's doing it.  Go for some in-person consultations with ASAPS member surgeons in your area and see what they say.  Good luck!

Breast lift without implants

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With the proper breast lift, you can accomplish s great central lift with your own tissue snd reduced scars. Never go for an anchor scar. All Brest lifts can be done with a vertical lollipop scar only using your own central breast tissue for fullness. They will like natural at the end with less scars. 

Luis A. Vinas, MD
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift without implants costs

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A patient can have a breast lift without breast implants.

Breast Lift like other cosmetic surgery varies considerably across the country and even in the same area. South Florida tends to have lower fees then more expensive areas such as New York or Los Angeles. We charge starting at $3000 + MD Anesthesia related costs for breast lift without breast implants. We charge starting at $4000 + MD Anesthesia related costs for breast lift with saline implants. Breast Lift with silicone implants start at $4500 + MD Anesthesia related costs. Since you can get quality work at lower costs, patients will travel from throughout the state, the country, and internationally to have surgery in South Florida.

To ensure that you are receiving quality work at the most cost effective prices, consult with board certified plastic surgeons that own their own nationally accredited facilities. The quality must be maintained at the highest level to maintain accreditation. The surgeons also have incentive to hire and train quality staff (to ensure that surgery is efficient and enjoyable), to ensure comfortable and private facilities (to encourage referral), and to eliminate waste (to ensure that these facilities can compete effectively).

Consult in person with 3 experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons to understand your options.

Breast Lift Without Implants

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Yes you can certainly have a breast lift without implants.  The breasts will seem smaller after a lift, so you should meet with an experienced plastic surgeon to discuss whether or not you have enough tissue to create a full and shapely breast without implants.  The cost depends largely on your area. Best wishes.

Breast lift without an implant?

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Breast lift surgery or mastopexy can be performed with or without an implant.  If you want more fullness in the upper part of the breast, I usually recommend at least a small implant for shape even if you are satisfied with your current size.  This makes the part of the breast that shows above a swim suit or scoop neck top look fuller without the need for a "push-up" bra.  A full discussion with a Board Certified plastic surgeon will give you your options to obtain the optimal result for you.

Breast lift without an implant

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Thanks for your question.
You can have breast lift without implant.  If you have breast ptosis (sagging) and you do not want larger breast, breast lift alone can be a good option.
In regards to cost of breast lift, it will depend on your surgeon's experience/expertise, duration of surgery, and geography.  In my area, it would range $9000-$11000.
Please consult a board-certified plastic surgeon.


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Yes, you can definitely have a breast lift without an implant. In terms of cost, they will vary from state to state and surgeon to surgeon. I would suggest that you find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area (link below) and call for a quote. Best, Dr. Nazarian

Breast Lift

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Hi & thank you for your question.
Yes, you can have a breast lift without an implant. I recommend setting up a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options and the cost of the procedure. Best of luck!

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