Infection under skin near columella keeps coming back. Surgeons all have no answer as to what's causing it?

Antibiotics sort it out, but it comes back, seemingly only when i bump it (in a very easily bumble place). It seems to come back when i touch it or bump it, despite it being under the skin (there is no drainage area or visible infection of the skin). Surgeon said it could be retained stitch but he ended up not cutting into it to see because he couldn't feel a knot. No permeant stitches were used. Cartilages are all healthy and fine. Why does it get reinfected under the skin when i knock it?

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Columellar infection

Infection is defined by redness, swelling, heat. If you have any drainage, I would culture the fluid. Are there any other forgein bodies or implants in the tip? Dissolvable sutures usually melt away by 4 -6 months. You may be a MRSA carrier, a nasal culture would diagnose this. Then as you "knock" the nose, you may get a micro taer which allows the bacteria to enter.

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