I had a umbilical hernia repaired 2 years ago; can you suggest anything?

I lost my belly button and no mesh was used, I was sewn up the old fashioned way , so just a scar on my belly now, but behind it, it's started to feel harder, I don't know if its coming back,I have gained a bit of weight since then it could be my intestines blocked, I'm not in pain but my lifestyle is not great, I eat and drink, I'm 35, I suffer from acid reflux and feel bloated and think trapped wind, or could I have a hernia s/where else?, I also have a high sex drive, can you suggest anything

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I had a umbilical hernia repaired 2 years ago; can you suggest anything?

Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your symptoms.  I would recommend first seeing your general medicine doctor for an in-person examination.  They may find that a medical issue is taking place that can be medically treated or that a lifestyle change is needed.  If they find on exam that there is a concern about a possible hernia recurrence they can refer you to the appropriate specialist.  

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Umbilical hernia

The symptoms of an intestinal blockage would include pain, nausea, and vomiting.  Generally a patient who has firmness in the area of surgical repair is experiencing some scar formation.  Umbilical hernia repairs have a relatively high recurrence rate and significant weight gain increases the likelihood.

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