I have an infection 9 months post op+nobody to treat it? My surgeon has been appalling so I cannot go back to him for answers.

I have had a reoccurring infection for months now, it comes and goes but over the past month it has not gone away by itself like it did at first.I got some antibiotics off my doctor, they worked but did not completely get rid of it so it came back and they refused to give me more saying it will 'sort itself out'.Can i see another surgeon about this?Im terrified that the infection will cause my cartilage to collapse or erode away.Its very tender to touch.Also,will scans identify retained sutures?

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Infection of the Nose

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Thank you for your question and I empathize with your concerns. If you have an infection of your nose you absolutely need to have this treated immediately. You are right in assuming that prolonged recurrent infection can lead to collapse of the cartilages. Please seek a specialist in rhinoplasty for your concern.

Possible Infection

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Contact your surgeon's office for your records.  Your new surgeon will want to review exactly what was done in your procedure to treat you.  It sounds like you may have infected cartilage or implant.  Consult with a highly experienced board certified plastic surgeon as soon as possible.

Persistent postoperative infection

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A persistent infection for 9 months is concerning for either retained foreign material, or dead cartilage.  I am going to guess that there may be ssome sort of implanted material such as Silastic or Goretex.  This is the highest probability.  Otherwise you may have necrotic cartilage.  Please seek the advice of an experienced surgeon.

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Hi. I am sorry to hear this. A couple of thoughts.1. Was any foreign material like silicone or goretex ever used in your nose?2. If you don't trust your surgeon and don't know what was used in your surgery, ask for the operative note. Getting a CT scan is unlikely to add much information but would show foreign material if in there. It would not show retained sutures.  3.  If no known foreign material in there, consider just a piece of dead cartilage. Especially if you have had multiple surgeries with rib grafting, etc. This cartilage might need to be removed.4. Consider hyberbaric oxygen along with prolonged culture-directed antibiotics.5. Consider infectious disease consultation.  Look for an experienced revision rhinoplasty doctor in your area they can help you sort this out. Best of luck. 

Garrett Griffin, MD
Minneapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon
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