I had fillers under my eyes 10 weeks ago but they have caused additional bags, ridges and wrinkles and ongoing swelling? (photo)

After the third occasion of correction and additional filler I had a strange episode where my eyes just completely swelled up! Since then I have daily swelling and the bags seems to be far worse than ever before. In ten weeks I have had 4 separate occasions of treatment to correct this and it is still worse than originally! What is my best option and why would my eyes swell up each day ? I'm worried I will not be able to return to how I was prior to the fillet?

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Tear Trough filler issues

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In reviewing your after photos, it appears that you have insufficient mid face volume (cheeks). This does unfortunately happen as we age. When there is a combination of prominent tear troughs and mid face volume loss, I always advise that both be corrected. If just the tear troughs are done, it doesn't look right, it often looks like the tear troughs were overfilled even if they were not. I don't think you will get the refreshed look you want without doing cheek lift with dermal filler likely 1 syringe per side.

Regarding the swelling- some dermal fillers attract water more than others. Your swelling could be a combination of this, as well as the fact that swelling tends to go to an area of inflammation and it sounds like you have had this area manipulated multiple times over the course of this 10 weeks. So, some suggestions to reduce this:

1. Reduce your salt intake (prepared foods, lunchmeat, chips, condiments, margaritas ;, etc... and drink 8 glasses of water per day

2. Elevate the head of your bed at night for a time- put a wedge shaped cushion or some pillows or comforters or eggcrate foam or similar cushion material in between the mattress and boxspring. Some people put the head of the bed legs up on cinderblocks. Sticking multiple pillows under your head doesn't last long and could cause neck pain. 

3. A topical Arnica cream to the under eye region, available OTC

4. Antihistamines- Claritin or Zyrtec daytime for example, benadryl at night

5. Bromelain supplement- helps reduce swelling and inflammation- available in tablet form OTC


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