Braces: Will the gaps be filled? (photo)

I've had my braces on for 7 month now. My top two were crooked as was one pushed under the other due to over crowding. They have been pulled out now and straight. However, the shape of my two front teeth are wider at the bottom half & then go narrow as they go up. So the teeth next to them are straight but there's a gap where the main front two go narrow. Will ortho file the teeth so they sit neatly side by side? Or will they need to fill them in with white filling to make the teeth the same shape?

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Fixing Black Triangles Between Teeth

You are very astute. The black triangles are being caused by the triangular shape of your teeth and the receded gum tissue. You have two or three options or combination of options. This case will probably require some input from another doctor besides the orthodontist. You can slenderize the teeth to make them more rectangular (less triangular) and move them together. This will eliminate some of the black triangle but probably not all. You can then do composite bonding to eliminate the rest of the black triangle or you might also be able to do a Pinhole Surgical Technique to eliminate the remainder of the black triangles.

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