Do I file the chipped teeth or get them bonded? (photos)

I want to file my 2 front chipped teeth and the chipped canines. Should i or should i get them bonded? If i file them flat they'll look weird since they're canines and meant to be sharp. I'm also getting invisible braces for the crooked teeth

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Chipped Teeth

Thank you for posting your question.  This is a common concern.  The question to ask is why did the teeth chip?  Do you clench or Grind your teeth?  You may have a bite alignment issue that is causing the chipping.  How teeth come together is just as important, if not more important, then how they look straight from the outside.  The term occlusion is used to describe how teeth meet each other.  There are dentists trained in occlusion and how it affects the jaw joint and muscles.  Bonding the chipped teeth may result in chipping again if the underlying issue is not resolved.  You can find a Pankey trained dentist in your area that can help you with the best course of treatment for your issue.

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Bonding / Chipping / Invisible Braces

HI There, Thank you for the picture.  In our office where we provide invisible braces treatment I recommend that all changes to the teeth happen after the teeth are in their rightful position.  I want you to have the best possible smile you can have.  That starts first with the teeth in the right place.  Once in the right place, then we do the esthetic touch ups, like a little shaping over all to have you look your best with your best smile. Looking at your photo, that is exactly what i would recommend for you.  Last piece of advice, make sure you to go a dentist who is an artist too.  You will know her or him because they love teeth.  Ask.  And have fun...a beautiful smile will change your life.  I admire your pursuit!  (Link shows where we did Invisalign first, tooth reshaping second.  Look at the edges of her front teeth.)

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