Cheek filler? (Photo)

Hi I have had my nasal folds done but still feel like my face is ageing around my mouth cheeks I am only 30 and do not want to look like I have had "work" done was thinking cheek filler for more of a national look and Botox around my eyes?

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Cheek filler.

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thanks for your question. You are beautiful! Certainly proper filler placement in cheeks can help "lift" nadolabial fold. It is important the injections are done properly over the back of the check bone as opposed to too "forward" to avoid the dreaded "chipmunk" look. Opt for a small amount as you are fairly symmetric and not volume depleted, to avoid an "over done" look.

Best of luck!

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Nasolabial Filler

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Hello, you are certainly a very attractive and beautiful young woman.  I urge you to observe even the smallest of newborn babies as they have some naso-labial folds near their noses.  It is only through photo-shopping on magazines and promotional brochures that the "ideal" woman has NO naso-labial fold.  Too much filler in this area may do the opposite of what you want - draw attention downward toward your lower face versus upwards towards your cheeks and eyes.  As we age, our faces become more oblong and the area around the mouth and below the nose is fuller, drawing the eye downward and making one look older.  That is definitely not the path that you want for your sculpted face. Best wishes.

Shelby Bentz, MD
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