Would buccal fat or a jaw Botox injection help? (Photo)

Helo. As you can see from my picture it seems that I have a bit of asymmetry in the face. my r/h side seems not too bad chisel wise however my left side seems more rounded and fuller. Any ideas as to how I can balance this out? many thanks

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Would buccal fat or a jaw Botox injection help? = Jaw Botox injection in men not recommended ( it will make face feminine)

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Botox to the jaw ( masseter) muscle is commonly use in female patients to decrease the width of the lower face (by causing shrinkage -atrophy- of the masseter muscle -chewing muscle) . Decreasing the lower face width is considered a feminine feature, as opposed to men who look more masculine if their jaw is wider.

In patients with mild lower face facial asymmetry, asymmetric buccal fat removal could help to improve the physical finding. Additionally, the buccal fat removal could help to achieve a more masculine chiseled face if the jaw bone is wider ( see some of my buccal fat removal before and afters for men)

Patients interested in correcting small facial asymmetries  should make a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specialized in plastic surgery procedures of the face

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Balancing out the midface and jawline

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Great question.  The best way to address asymmetry (and everyone has some form of asymmetry) is to slowly correct both the midface, buccal area, and jawline.  This can be done via a combination of fillers, and in more severe cases, surgical intervention (such as buccal fat pad reduction rather than complete excision, etc).  Rest assured there are lots of different options available for you.  I suggest you make sure you see someone who is comfortable with your concerns when you go on your consultations. Best of luck. 

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