Are my breast and bad scarring down to my implants being lower pole fullness? (photos)

Hi there I had a mastopexy in 2013 with natrelle implants then in Nov 2014 I had my implants replaced with Motiva implants which are progressiveGel plus which means more natural look with lower pole fullness medium profile and my breast have drop and my scarring is very dark and thick could this be down to having this shape of implants

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Scars of breast lift

The scars that you have shown in the picture you included are hypertrophic and more dark brown in color and you might like. This has much more to do with your genetic predisposition to scarring and has nothing to do with the type of, shape of, or size of a breast implant. Ask your plastic surgeon if laser therapy might help in the scars and relieve some of the discoloration. Good luck.

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Mastopexy scars

The final quality of a scar depends mainly on the skin type, and it shouldn't be determined by the particular shape of the implants. Having said this, Motiva implants are relatively new and untested compared to the FDA-approved Mentor and Allergan brands. Also, it would appear that your implants are quite large (and heavy). Their weight is surely not helping and may be a factor in causing skin stretching and wider, more visible scars (I note that your areolas almost doubled in size during the healing period). If you are unhappy with the result, you may want to discuss a revision with your surgeon, ideally having smaller implants.

Ciro Adamo, PhD, MD
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Scar issue

Your scars are unrelated to the implants. The scars are hypertrophic and spread. Sometimes this is related to genetics.  Scar revision may be reasonable.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Are my breast and bad scarring down to my implants being lower pole fullness?

The type of spread hyperpigmented hypertrophic scaring with spreading areolae are NOT due to the type of implants used! It is your healing/genetic potentials that account fir this... 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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