4 days into my surgery, noticed a notch in my columella?

I had my Rhinoplasty surgery 4 days ago, and everythings fine except that I noticed small skin over lapping on my columella, the stitches are still in and i'm very swollen but will this go away? Idk the correct term to use for this, but when I turn to the side its sort of looks like its hanging? I can see that my columella is allignied very well but this is bothering me and I'm not sure if its something to worry about.

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Dear Djdfskksx, First of all see your surgeon and have him clean your nose properly and then discuss your concerns. You are early in the recovery phase and with swelling you may see some imperfections. In open rhinoplasty pateints when the incision is placed properly and closed with expertise you should have barely visible signs of the incision even in the early days of recovery. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Notched columella

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It is WAYYY too early to be attempting to evaluated this. Do your best to remain patient and allow the early (and later) changes to occur before expending too much energy trying to inspect things now. While this behavior is normal, it also is non-productive and stress inducing. Be patient, trust your doctor's recommendations and follow all your post-op instructions.

Swelling of the columella

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It is common to have swelling in the area of the columella which leads to step-off deformities at the level of the incision at times.  As the swelling subsides this returns to normal.


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Thank you for your question. Your nose could use additional cleaning. I suggest that you contact your board certified facial plastic surgeon immediately for their cleaning and for their advise as to your particular experience as they have the knowledge of the surgery. Please be sure you are clear on the recovery guidelines for a post-op Rhinoplasty.

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4 days into my surgery, noticed a notch in my columella?

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Appears as open rhinoplasty incision in columella issue, again. Only after 6 months can scar revision be offered, sorry.

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