11 days post Breast Augmentation with 295 cc high profile silicone, under the muscle - do they look normal? (photo)

Hi I had 295 cc under the muscle silicone HPs 11 days ago. They still look quite swollen and the aerolas are so much bigger than before. They are also slightly warm to touch still. Do you think they are ok and look 'normal' for 11 days. Do you think the aerolas will settle down in size? Thanks

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To my eye everything looks perfectly normal. In fact, at this point of your early recovery it looks as if you are on track for a super result. Be patient....lots of chnges to come...for many months.

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Normal breast augmentation result and 11 days

Thank you for your question.  Based on your photograph your result looks very normal this early after breast augmentation.  Your areola may be larger partly due to swelling however long-term the areola diameter usually increases after breast augmentation.  If you have concerns it is always best to see the plastic surgeon who performed your breast augmentation.

Areola size

Thank you for your photos. Your result is good. The size of your areola is due to your increased breast size and they will not return to their original size. 

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