How do I get rid of excessive belly hair as a 19 year old woman? (photos)

Hi is it normal for me as a 19 year old girl to have a lot of hair on my belly? Which is making me depressed please help me of how I can get rid of it permanently. I have started getting hair on my since I was elevelnot I tried shaving which has only made it worse, how do I get rid of it and why does it grown on my belly even though I'm a normal woman. Please help me.

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Excessive Body Hair In Females - Rule out Hormonal disorders.

The first step is to evaluate for a cause for excessive body hair in females - a condition medically called hirsutism. Specifically, it is good to evaluate for hormonal conditions like thyroid dysfunction/ polycystic ovaries. That said, laser hair removal gives very satisfying results for managing excessive hair growth as in the image.Good luck!

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How do I get rid of excessive belly hair as a 19 year old woman?

Thank you for your question. Laser hair removal is a very effective treatment to reduce hair growth. Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgions office for a treatment plan.

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Laser Hair Removal From the Abdomen

Thank you for your pictures.  This can be nicely treated with good results. It will take at least 6 treatments about a month apart. Please seek practices that are familiar with your skin type and the right choice of laser for your skin type.

Laser Hair Removal Of Excess Belly Hair

You would be a perfect candidate for laser hair removal. Not all laser hair removal machines are created equal and since you have dark skin you need to find a physician that has experience and the proper machines to treat darker skinned people. Best wishes.

Michael A. Zadeh, MD, FACS
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Laser Hair Removal for Tummy

One option is to do laser hair removal.  Laser hair removal is a series of treatments, usually 6-8 treatments done 4-8 weeks apart, depending on the area being treated and the growth cycle of the hair.  Please be sure that the facility you pick has the YAG 1064 wave length.  This wavelength can be used safely on skin of color.
 Best of Luck!

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