Can an impacted wisdom tooth be replaced with an implant at the correct angle?

Hi 36 male I have a decaying upper wisdom tooth that is impacted (points outwards) lower still has a flap of gum at the back due to the upper always being a bit wobbly it is otherwise fully exposed. Could the upper tooth be implanted at the correct angle therefore making use of the lower one? can you chew as normal on the implant? are wisdom impants more risky/tricky? Is it better to have the impant done with the extraction or allow it to heal/for how long? Kind regards

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Replacing a wisdom tooth with a dental implant

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Although it is probably possible to replace your wisdom tooth with a dental implant, It's not really something that would be worth the time, effort, and expense.

Wisdom teeth are often removed because they are not functional, are very difficult to keep clean, and frequently cause problems for the tooth right in front of them.

For these reasons I would not recommend considering replacing a wisdom tooth with a dental implant.

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Wisdom teeth are not replaced

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primarily due to the ability to maintain. Even if it could be fixed or straightened, it would be a periodontal nightmare.

More practically speaking, getting access that far back is nearly impossible, so placing an implant isn't possible. 

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

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The only instance in which I would recommend an implant replacing a wisdom tooth is when the wisdom tooth is in the position of a first or second molar because of orthodontics or because of an unusual pattern of eruption as your jaw developed.  

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