People say that after Rhinoplasty your breathing become difficult your nose becomes even more worse. Any suggestions?

one nostril dont match the other and they that its not worth it.... does todays rhinoplasty is more accurate and give you good results than previous times .... plz plz need help

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Breathing After a Rhinoplasty

Nasal airway function is an important part of modern rhinoplasty where form should follow function. The components of the nasal airway are the nostril, the internal nasal valve, the septum and the turbinates. All of these components should be evaluated and preservation and, or correction can be achieved in a proper rhinoplasty. If not respected, theses components could collapse or narrow which could lead to worsening of the nasal airway. Improvement and preservation of the airway should be a goal in rhinoplasty, and is easily achievable.

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Dear loostmo, In the hands of an experienced surgeon you should be able to accomplish both an aesthetically pleasing nose as well as a well functioning nose. During all of my nasal surgical procedures I address the function of the nose so when the nose is refined during rhinoplasty the patient will not develop breathing difficulties. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Breathing after thinoplasty

I appreciate the question. It is important to either preserve or improve nasal function from rhinoplasty.  Most experienced surgeons desire a nose that both looks pleasing but that also functions well. The techniques have been around for years and there are different ways to address cosmetic and functional problems. A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon should be able to accomplish both goals. The first step is to get a thorough examination and discuss your cosmetic and breathing concerns. Hope that helps. 

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