How long should I wear a sports bra?

Hi, I have had an explantation, with no lift, 2 weeks ago. I was wondering how long I will have to wear a sports bra before I can switch to a regular bra, no underwires for me. Of course, this is providing I am healing well and I will ask my surgeon as well.

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1 month no bra

After this type of explantation surgery I do not have the patients were any bra for 1 month.  Of course each surgeon has their own system so you need to checkin with them.

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Recommendations for wearing a supportive bra will vary by patient and surgeon

Your surgeon will be the best equipped to answer your question as he or she knows exactly what the condition of your tissues was and what was done at the time of surgery.  Thus, he or she will know best what is required in the postop period.  I can tell you that I generally have my patients wear a supportive bra for 4 - 6 weeks after explantation procedures.  Good luck.

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How long should I wear a sports bra?

Thank you for the question. Your plastic surgeon will obviously have preferences and recommendations for you. Personally, I like the use of relatively snug fitting bra over compressive dressings immediately after surgery.  I think that this compression is helpful when it comes to avoidance of fluid accumulation in the space where the breast implants  were removed from.  Afterwards, a formfitting sports bra may be helpful when it comes to the support  provided during the skin “bounce back” process.

 Best wishes; hopefully you will be very pleased with the outcome of the procedure performed.

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How long to wear a sports bra after explantation of breast implants

I think you probably answered your own question.  It all depends on how well you are healed and asking your own surgeon is the best approach!  Best wishes in recovery,

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Duration of wearing a sports bra post breast implant removal.

Each surgeon has his or her guidelines for postoperative care. Typically, patients wear sports bras for approximately 4 to 6 weeks post surgery. Consult with your surgeon as he or she knows the scope of the surgery and the specifics about you.

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How long should I wear a sports bra?

Hello!  Thank you for your question!  Typical recommendations include a compression-type garment/bra for 4-6 weeks postoperatively. This allows adequate healing as well as allowing the overlying breast tissue to adhere back down to the chest wall while closing the dead space via compression, either with or without use of a drain.  Lifting and exercise restrictions during same time period are common. Of course, as long as you are healing appropriately. Discuss this with your surgron as recommendations vary among surgeons. Best wishes!  Hope that this helps!  

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