Could a Mammogram Tech Have Ruptured my Implant? I Never Had ANY Problems with my Implants Before.

I have 20 year old Meme (Dow Corning I believe) implants. They have the polyurethane fuzzy coating. my left implant seems to be starting to rise & getting harder. seems to be migrating up & towards underarm. I had mammo recently & they had me do ultrasound. They believe I have a ruptured implant. My main concern if I get this removed how bad is it going to be as I picture this implant with this fuzzy coating as ADHERED into my breast tissue and chest wall (over the muscle implants).

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Mammograms and ruptured implants

The mammogram procedure is very unlikely to be the cause of a ruptured implant, unless the implant is already significantly weakened. This could be the case if they are 20 years old, but in general, implants are extremely durable. Your description of your condition is consistent with a capsular contracture. Textured implants can be safely removed despite the adherence of the tissue. It sounds like you need a consultation with a plastic surgeon and a physical exam to really know what your options will be. 

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An implant ruptured by a mammogram is about to fail anyway.

It is possible that a 20-year-old silicone gel implant might be ruptured during a mammogram. This implant would be about to fail anyway. Removing old implants replacing them with new even after silicone rupture is not very difficult.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Could a mammogram tech have ruptured my implants

Hello and thank you for your question.

As a general rule, and not from looking at your pictures specifically, yes, a mammogram can rupture an implant. I would recommend seeing a Board Certified plastic surgeon for further evaluation of the integrity of your implants.

Best of luck to you.

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Removal and rupture of a Meme implant

There are several parts to this question

  1. A mammogram, however forcefull, will not rupture an intact implant.  If the implant was already weakened by time  then it could speed up the inevitable.  
  2. A Meme implant was covered with a medical grade polyurethane foam.  The foam gets incorporated in the capsule around the implant, when the capsule is excised the foam will be removed as well.  
  3. After a total capsulecomy the new implant should be placed under the muscle
  4. If your skin has thinned over the implant strattice or alloderm may be considered

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Could a Mammogram Tech Have Ruptured my Implant? I Never Had ANY Problems with my Implants Before.

These are very old implants and need to be replaced. The mammogram could cause a rupture but the implants were probably going to rupture anyway. The entire capsule with implants will be removed and a new pocket will be created under the muscle. A new silicone implant will then be inserted under the muscle. Don't worry, all of the scar tissue and/or silicone can be removed. Good Luck.

Kurtis Martin, MD
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