Is a Mammogram a Good Diagnostic if I Am Having Pain Around my Breast Implant?

(15yrs Post Op) I had a bilateral breast augment (sub-muscular) done 15 years ago. Recently I started to get pain in one breast. It comes and goes, and at times it can be rather uncomfortable. It feels like something is pressing/impinging on my chest wall. My breast looks normal and I don't feel any hardness. My appointment to have it checked isn't for 2 months :(.Is there a diagnostic test (mammogram) you might suggest to rule out other possible problems. Thanks

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Pain around breast implant

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Your pain may be due to a ruptured implant or capsular contracture (scar tissue).  However, if you have a saline implant and your breast shape has not changed, you do not have a rupture.  If your one breast is as soft as the other, you may not have capsular contracture.  Mammogram may be able to detect ruptured silicone implant in app. 85% of times.  I doubt that your on/off pain is due to breast cancer; however, if you have not gotten mammogram for the past 1 year, you should get mammogram to screen for breast cancer.  Whether you have a ruptured silicone implant or capsular contracture, it is not dangerous to your health.  I would wait till you see your plastic surgeon prior to undergoing radiographic studies.  Good luck to you.

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