Can you please explain how they take the excess glands out of the armpit and lift the breasts?

Hi I am thinking of having breast reduction and I want correct the excess glands which are in the armpit areas( both arms). I was wondering can it be fixed during my breast reduction surgery. Can you please explain how they take the excess glands out of the armpit and lift the breasts. thanks

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Accessory breast tissue

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Rather than glands, I wonder if you mean that you have accessory breast tissue.  This looks like bulky lumps at the front of the armpit, and is quite common.  A lot of women dislike their armpit appearance, and frequently this is due to accessory breast tissue they're not aware they have.

If present, it can readily be removed as part of a breast reduction.  It usually doesn't need an incision in the armpit.  In 70% of cases in my practice it would be removed by liposuction alone, and in the rest be removed through the breast reduction incisions.  It's very uncommon to need to make an incision in the armpit itself to deal with it.

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Excess glands in the axilla frequently produce problems called hidradenitis suppurativa.  This is an infection of the glands.  The only treatment for it is excision of the glands.  This is not done routinely at the time of the breast lift since the location is different from the breast lift.  If you have excess glands and want to excise them, it can be done simultaneously with the breast lift but through a separate incision.

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