Could a Singer Lose His High Pitched Notes with Mammary Gland Removal?

If a tenor gets a brest reduction (mammary gland removal) surgery, could his voice be affected in any way? Lose his high pitched notes? How do hormones affect a tenor's voice?

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Gynecomastia @ Voice change.

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Removal of breast glandular tissue should not effect the voice tone. After thousands Male Breast Reductions Procedures I did not get any complains of voice change. Being in better shape does no alter the Hormonal balance ,and does not make you more or less  masculine.

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Will gynecomastia (male breast) repair effect a singer's voice

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To the best of my knowledge, gynecomastia will not effect a singer's voice unless the insular effect of the fat and gland on the chest wall somehow impact the resonance of the airway which is unlikely. IF you are insinuating that it may have a hormonal influence, the breast growth is a result and not the cause of the hormone imbalance. Therefore removing the breast will not effect your hormone levels.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Gynecomastia surgery doesn't change any hormone/gland levels/voice etc

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Gynecomastia surgery only corrects the extra tissue in the chest, not anywhere else.  That tissue doesn't make hormones in the system, so it will not affect the voice.

IF the gynecomastia is caused by an underlying gland problem that also affects the voice, then gynecomastia may recur if the underlying problem is not corrected.

Correction of Gynecomastia (excessive breast development in a man) will NOT affect your hormones or your voice

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Hi there-

Contouring of excess breast tissue in a man is strictly a cosmetic procedure, meaning it will improve the appearance, but will NOT change the body's hormonal balance or the functioning of the vocal cords in any way.

Gynecomastia surgery will not change your voice

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Gynecomastia surgery is a superficial surgery on the skin and fat of the chest. It does not affect your larynx, your throat, or your lungs. Therefore it will not change your voice.

Secondary consequences of Gynecomastia surgery

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There should be no change in voice with removal of male breasts. Gynecomastia has many causes. If the cause in you is a hormonal abnormality, there is the possibility that treatment of that underlying problem could affect your voice. An endotracheal tube (breathing tube into the windpipe) for anesthesia could cause an injury to the voice box. Therefore, request an LMA (Laryngeal Mask Airway, an airway as good as an endotracheal tube, but without traversing the voice box).

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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Association of Voice Pitch with Gynecomastia

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You may have your gynecomastectomy without fear of a change in the pitch of your singing voice.  I am unaware of any relationship between voice pitch (in the tenor range) and hormones. Even if there were, the breast is a receptor organ rather than a producer of hormones.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

High Pitched Voice Has nothing to do with Male Breasts (Gynecomastia)

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RE - "If a tenor gets a breast reduction (mammary gland removal) surgery, could his voice be affected in any way? Lose his high pitched notes?"

Having male or female breasts in itself does not impart a high singing voice. Man breasts / boobs - GYNECOMASTIA has many potential causes with the most common cause cannot be found in most cases. Subsequently the removal of the breasts in gynecomastia correction does NOT routinely affect a high pitched voice. Rarely, general anesthesia MAY be associated with vocal fold trauma or cricoarytenoid joint voice box injury. You should discuss this with your anesthesiologist.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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