Uneven placement of eyelids; can anything be done about it? (Photo)

Hi! As you can see from the photo, my right eyelid is lower than the left. In close up photographs it looks horrible (I attached a particularly bad one). Can anything be done about it?

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Eye Asymmetry

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Most of the time the eyelid asymmetry is related to the dysfunction of the muscle that opens the eyelid which is called eyelid ptosis. You seem to have eyelid ptosis on both sides and it is worse on the right. This can be easily corrected by tightening the stretched eyelid muscles. Our twins study has demonstrated that the use of contact lenses is a common cause of this. However, this can come about for variety other reasons. 


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It looks like you have ptosis of the lower eye.  To better balance them, a ptosis repair procedure will likely be necessary.

Both eyelids need to be fixed.

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The right side is worse than the left side.  In addition to anterior levator dehiscence ptosis, there is lash ptosis, a hollow upper eyelid sulcus and poorly organized upper eyelid skin. There is a compensatory eyebrow elevation.  You need a very careful upper eyelid surgery that addresses all of these issues to create a bright jewel like eye with properly supported upper eyelid lashes and upper eyelid margin, appropriate placed upper eyelid creases and recreation of an upper eyelid fold with subbrow fullness. Unfortunately it is very challenging to find this type of reconstructive blepharoplasty.  You really need to see a surgeon who specializes in this type of aesthetic reparative work. 

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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