Should my doctor have massage the product in after injecting? He used Perfecta, & put 1 ml on the top, 1/2ml on bottom. (photo)

I got my lips done a week ago using Perfectha. I told the doctor I wanted them the same shape but bigger. I had them done twice before but with a different Doctor. Both times before, the doctors had massaged the product in. I noticed that this doctor didn't massage it. I asked afterwards should I massage it my self as that's what i had been told before, and he said no. A week into it, I have one side on the top noticeably bigger and many lumps on both top and bottom. Will it settle down??Thanks

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It depends

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for me it depends what kind of result you are going for. If I am using a very hydrating product that I want to spread through the tissue well, then I will massage. If I am creating very definied areas such as work around the Cupid's bow then I do not massage because I don't want to flatten the area. Could be that the lumps are swelling but if you are concerned then I would contact your original provider.

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