10 Weeks Post Mastoplexy. Cannot Pay for Revision. What Are My Options? (photo)

At 10 weeks out. This is what i have. I am afraid to go back to these board certified guys. this is a touch up. I have zero way to pay for even a consult with another surgeon. What are my options? He did a abdominal dermal graft to "fill in" the hollow empty area on the sagging loose breast. Now i have a 9 inch scar,he said he was going through my hysterectomy scar. devastated. and feel like a fool for spending all my tiny inheritance on myself. What a waste .Malpractice or bad outcome?

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Post mastopexy

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From your photo and information, I would suggest that you request your operative  and clinical records to carefully review what you consented to...you have not had a breast lift and will need at least a revision on your left breast that has bottomed out.

Maui Plastic Surgeon

10 Weeks Post Mastopexy.

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I see a malpositioned implant on the left, with a double bubble deformity. I see no evidence of a breast lift. Without looking at preop photos, it is not clear if you needed a lift at all. 

Reviewing the plan and the outcome with your surgeon is the best option for starters. We all want our patients to be pleased with the outcomes. Some surgeons will do no fee consults, but that will help only for the consult.

Thanks for your question, and for sharing the photos, all the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Story and Picture Don't Match

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 I agree with the other plastic surgeons.  I do not see any indication that a breast lift was performed.  

Bottomed out implant, not a mastopexy

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A mastopexy is a breast lift and it doesn't apprears that you have had one.  It looks like you had implants and that the one side is bottomed out.  You can also see that you have substantial stretch marks so your skin elasticity is poor and may be contributing to this problem.  Nothing short of revision will help unfortunately.  What has your surgeon said about this?


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from the pictures, you did not have mastopexy, breast lift,. There is only one transverse scar on the left breast that can be seen on the pictures. This seems to be a breast implant which is malpositioned inferiorlyand laterally. Needs revision

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

10 Weeks Post #Mastoplexy. Cannot Pay for Revision. Options? (photo) ANS:

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So sorry to hear your situation and there does seem to be some basic information missing somewhere. Like the other doctors, I do not see a mastopexy being done but it does look like your implant is too low on the left side and more surgery will probably be needed. Always give your doctor a chance to fix what is not right. See what they say and then come back here and let us know!

John J. Corey, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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10 Weeks Post Mastoplexy. Cannot Pay for Revision. What Are My Options?

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Your posted photo doesnot match your description. So either you are misinformed about the nature of your surgery or you were lied to. Please correct the story. Best to obtain second opinions in person but you can ask if there is a consult fee. 

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