Is This Malocclusion Class 2, Division 2? (Photos)

I'm 29, and I've wanted to fix my crowding problem. I recently saw an ortho, and was told that I needed jaw surgery to fix this problem properly, which I don't want. Another said I have to shift the incisor in and push my tipped teeth out. At rest, the edges of my bottom and upper incisors want to touch, but in order for my molars to touch (for chewing), I have to move my mandible back. Is this malocclusion 2 division 2, or are my tipped teeth in the way? What are some possible tx options? Thx

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Treatment Options for a Class 2 Division 2 Malocclusion

The photos submitted reveal a Class 2 Division 2 Malocclusion molar relationship A cephalometric or panoramic study (special types of xrays) would better serve to help you in your diagnosis and treatment plan.  The first option to consider would be orthognathic surgery with orthodontics before and after surgery.  This procedure would probably give you the best long term result and would be the best option to level the plane of your bite or occlusion.  Do not count this out as it is a great choice.  I had my jaw surgery when I was 33 so your age at this point should not be a factor.  A second option would be to have orthodontics or braces. Their might be a discussion on extracting either 2 or 4 teeth.  Either way, this option would be a compromise.  A final option would be to leave everything alone.  Good luck and please let us know your final decision and it would be really great to post your final photos.

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