Suggestions to Improve Weak Jaw Line? (photo)

Hi there I am looking for suggestions on how to improve my jaw line. I would like to have a more chiseled and masculine looking jaw line. I have attached a photo bellow to illustrate my ideal jaw line. Currentyy the bottom part of my face is quite narrow and rounded. I am open to any suggestions thank you.

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Masculine Jaw Line With Jaw Implants

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A masculine jaw line depends on many factors including the width of the jaw in front of the ears, the width of the chin, the length of the chin, the projection of the chin, the neck contour, and the definition of the jaw to neck line.  The first, most important improvements come from augmentation genioplasty with a sliding osteotomy or implant. Liposuction in people with neck laxity due to excess fat is the next procedure to consider. Then jaw angle implant should be considered. They are solid silicone implants that can be obtained in standard sizes and as custom implants to fit perfectly. For the strong jaw masculine look, they are very effective.

Dallas Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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