Otoplasty - Have my Ears Have Been Under - Corrected? Should I Be Concerned?

Hi I'm 4 months post op and concerned about the results of my otoplasty. I feel that my ears have relaxed too much since surgery, possibly under corrected My concern is with the tops of the ears, they curve (pop) out more than the rest of the ear. I've heard this is common due the over tightening of the middle part of the ear. Is this true & is it temporary? Secondly, what's the general desired space (mm) between the ear & the scalp that surgeons aim to achieve. (Looking from back of the head)

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Otoplasty or ear pinning revision

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Good morning Timmy89

it is possible for what is done to your ears surgically to relax or reverse themselves a little bit because ear cartilage does have what we refer to as "memory". If you don't use permanent sutures is possible for the early results of an ear surgery to reverse themselves. Furthermore, this can happen even when permanent sutures are used and your surgeon did the absolute best they could. Perhaps you should inquire about the types of sutures used and ask for your operative note. If semipermanent sutures were used then a revision may be in order. However, never forget to ask yourself "is it worth going through surgery again to make this minor change"?

I hope that helps

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