Fundoplication after a tummy tuck? Any dangers?

I had a tummy tuck 12 years ago. Can I now have the fundoplication surgery. Is there any danger in a hiatal hernia surgery?

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Abdominal surgery after tummy tuck

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The abdominoplasty should not affect the outcome of the stomach surgery.    Your general surgeon may want to see the operative report to see if the belly button was moved (floating umbilicus technique) verses the standard umbilicoplasty.

Fundoplication after tummy tuck?

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There is no inherently greater risk of fundoplication after a previous tummy tuck compared to without prior tummy tuck. Most fundoplications are now performed with the laparoscopic method, so you are not likely to sustain disruption of your tummy tuck result. If it is to be an open procedure, then attention to repairing the rectus fascia after finishing the fundoplication is key. It would be ideal that your Board Certified plastic surgeon be double boarded in both general surgery AND plastic surgery so that he/she can counsel you individually regarding the pros and cons of a fundoplication.

Dr Derby

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Thank you for your question. It is important to attach some photos to your question so that we can evaluate and answer your question better.Best of luck

Surgery after tummy tuck

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You can have fundoplication surgery if you need it.  You did not mention if it was open or lap surgery.  The abdominal wall should be well healed.  After any abdominal surgery you can get a hernia at the surgery site.  I don't think there is any data to say that you are at increased risk.

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