Male Double Chin Removal

I am a 37old male, great health. Just lost 110lbs and working on my last 40-50 lbs. While I know once the weight is gone I need a major tummy tuck, the area that is bothering me the most is my double chin. Its fairly large, and wanted to know if it can be removed via Laserlipo (smart lipo), Vaser, or anything less invasive than a full neck lift which will leave scars and has major downtime. Please help!! I live in Metro NYC.

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Liposuction of the neck

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I would recommend losing the 50 pounds and having surgery at your ideal weight.  This will yield the best longterm result.   If you have poor skin elasticity after your weight loss, a necklift will be necessary to give the ideal result.   If you are willing to accept considerable improvement, but a less than ideal result, you can avoid the necklift scars with neck lipo.    A key component to the success of neck lipo will be wearing a compression garment for 1 week continously and 3 weeks on nights and weekends.   Any swelling, edema in the neck postop will take away from the final result.

Houston Plastic Surgeon

Reach Weight Loss Goal Before Proceeding with Surgery

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Decisions regarding cosmetic surgery in patients who are actively losing weight should be delayed until their situation has stabilized.  Losing an additional 50 lbs could significantly alter your appearance and alter your surgical needs.  Once you have reached your weight loss goals, consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is appropriate.  This surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that will be appropriate for your needs. 

Chin lipo

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Visit a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for an evaluation and then you can have the list of alternatives described.  The problem with laser lipo is you may have loose skin left over since you have had a significant weight fluctuation recently.  Recovery is not as long for a neck-lift as you may think.  First, an evaluation may be needed to explore your options.

Vaser liposuction in neck of 37 year old with large weight loss.

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Every person needs a careful evaluation.  I have had many patients that have done very well with VASER Liposuction after large weight loss.  Your youth and apparent skin tone is favorable for liposuction to work.  I feel you likely should try liposuction first because it is a simpler and less costly.  If you do have extra skin after , then a facelift type operation can be considered.  You would need to go into a liposuction with this understanding.  I have had a wonderful experience with the Vaser and I feel it does enhance skin contraction better than any competitive technology.  Good luck

You will likely like the results of laser liposuction, but expect some skin laxity

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based on your picture, it appears that you have significant fat that would be amenable to removal via laser liposuction.  I treat many patients with laser liposuction, and as long as you understand the limitations and the other options available to you such as neck lifts, you'll be able to make a good decision.  with laser liposuction, your profile will be enhanced.  for maximal skin tightness, you may want to consider an open procedure such as a neck lift.

Treatment of Excess Neck Tissues in Men

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Congratulations on your weight loss! The best way to understand which option provides the result that you will feel comfortable with is to understand the anatomy.

  The neck has several layers- similar to a cake;

subplatysmal fat- baby fat will not change much with weight loss,gives fullness to under chin area.

platysma muscle( cause the two bands in the front of the neck in thinner skin people)-tightening these, often combined with removal of the deep fat is called a platysmaplasty.

subcutaneous fat- this is the layer we perform liposuction or smart lipo.

skin- excess skin is treated with excision under the chin or by a facelift procedure


After getting within 20-25lbs of your target, you will be in a better position to decide which procedure is best for you. Each procedure may offer some improvement. If you are already looking at a tummy tuck, probably want to think about a skin removal procedure on the face. Due to the thickness of the skin, CO2 laser will not help significantly .

Neck treatment

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If you have lost over 100 lbs and you are planning to lose another 50 lbs, you may have more of a skin problem than neck fat , and you probably will need some kind of neck lift.

Male double chin

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I have done hundreds of necks such as yours with what we call a "mini-necklift" .  This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and through a tiny incision in the crease beneath the chin.  It involves liposuction followed by platysmal plication and excision of skin.



Dr. Malouf

Chin Liposuction

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Difficult to know for sure in advance.  Because you are young and skin elasticity appears good, fat removal by liposuction may result in significant improvement with minimum "downtime."  Much of your central fat beneath the chin however may be deep to your neck (platysma) muscle, and the most reliable technique for removal of this fat, in my opinion is by open cervicoplasty (neckplasty).  Downtime is still not much greater than after liposuction, but so much more can be accomplished, and with more precison.  Don't be afraid of necklift;  In 3-5 years and beyond, you will forget about the procedure, but will see the result every day.  Go for the best result.  CONGRATS ON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS!

You definitely need a neck lift to obtain the best results

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As my colleagues have stated, finish losing the weight first. Another 40-50 lbs is significant and would impact your result if you choose to have surgery beforehand. In fact, if you do lose the weight, you may not have much fat to remove, so liposuction could be even less appropriate. There are currently NO non or minimally invasive technologies that can shrink skin to the degree you are contemplating. A neck lift would involve skin removal,platysma plication, fat removal, and incisions behind the ears, and one in the double chin crease. Depending on how much excess skin you have, the ear incisions may need to be extended along the front of the ear to some extent. Hopefully, this helps. Good luck. Best regards, Lawrence Tong MD FACS FRCSC

Lawrence Tong, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

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