Male Abdominal and Flank Swelling That Started 5 Weeks Post Op

Hi i had a full tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks 6 weeks ago (2.3kg of abdominal skin removed and 200cc of fat lipoed from each flank) , i developed a seroma that started leaking from the incision after 10 days post op. The leaking seroma more or lessstopped and the next day the swelling of stomach and flanks started, is this normal 5 weeks post op? I was flat before this, why the swelling now? Its not seroma fluid because incision is open and releasing few drops over 24 hour period, pls help

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Persistent drainage from male tummy tuck

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I would discuss this with your srugeon. For now they may recommend observation. Alternatively some surgeons would advise exploration with evacuation or drainage. Others might manage this with repeated aspirations.

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