I Am a Male of 28. Can my Breast Enlarge Like Female Breast Having 36 Size.If So, Can I Able for Lactation? (photo)

Healthy, 5.6" height, weight 68 kg.

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Breast enlargement in a male from the perspective of transgenderism

Hormones can lead to male breast development but lactation is rare.  Depending on your goals you may be best served with a cosmetic breast augmentation using implants.  Gender reassignment is, of course, a significant undertaking.  I have been working with the transgender community for more than 20 years and I urge you to find a physician who has a lot of experience int his arena before signing up for surgery or taking hormones without proper follow-up.

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Male chest enlargement/ gynecomastia

Hello 'penty', thanks for your question.  Male chest enlargement, ie. gynecomastia, usually does not lead to lactation because the hypertrophy is mainly of the fatty breast tissue, and males do not have the same degree of lactational ductal development as women do.  However, there have been rare reported cases of male lactation in the medical literature.  Male chest enlargement can result from a number of things, the most common of which is benign pubertal gynecomastia from significant hormonal surges and imbalances during puberty, which can occur in up to 60% of male adolescents and is usually self-limited.  Being 28 years old, you are past that stage.  Other possibilities include genetic syndromes (such as Klinefelter XXY), exogenous anabolic steroids (as some bodybuilders use), generalized obesity, use of certain medications (such as spironolactone, human growth hormone, and opioid narcotics), and use of certain recreational substances (such as excessive alcohol or marijuana use).  More serious potential causes include kidney or liver failure, thyroid dysfunction, and certain types of cancer, including pituitary gland, testicular, and male breast cancers.  Without a full workup, it is difficult to ascertain what is the source in your case.  I would recommend making an appointment to see your primary care physician soon to help evaluate the source and rule out a malignant change.  Depending on the source, there are several options available to you, both medical and surgical.  Surgical treatment for gynecomastia often includes a combination of liposuction of the chest, followed by excision of some loose skin and fat, depending on the degree of enlargement and laxity.  If you are interested to learn more after getting cleared from your PCP, then I would recommend seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform a full physical exam and go over the options with you in more detail.  Hope that helps! - Dr.92660

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Probably need implants

You may have enough breast enlargement with hormone therapy administered by a transgender specialty medical doctor.  However, it is unlikely that you will have proper lactation.  You will most likely need breast augmentation to achieve the size you are looking for.  Find a board certified plastic surgeon that specials in the treatment of transgender patients.

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