Tear trough fat transfer after 1 month, still stiff (Photo)

My orbital rings become so bulgy and obvious especially under the sun of light after one month. The fat graft can be seen like 2 caterpillars there. And i still feel the tightness at the fat graft area. Should i do blepharoplasty to take them out? I will rather have depression there than puffiness.thanks for sharing ur thought in advance.

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Fat Grafting Under the Eyes

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The mistake that some surgeons make in fat grafting is to inject as if it were a filler. To fat graft correctly and reduce the appearance, as you said of caterpillars, is to lay the fat down in tiny drops and layer similar to kernels of corn. I would suggest that consult with an expert in fat grafting and inquire about a second procedure with specific intent to redistribute and smooth the fat. 

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