What is the side effect of fillers?

I am currently considering to have fillers on my face, but very concern on the side effect. May i know how long does this fillers been used on the market? As compare with botox, what is the different?

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Not an easy answer

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This is a very long question to answer! But yes there are side effects which can occur which I will list below: 1. Bruising- common and often just "one of those things" rather than a problem with the product or the injector2. Swelling- depending on the area, different part of the face swell differently to others. The lips swell a lot. The tear troughs can swell too. 3. Infection- a rare complication but it can happen either acutely or as a low grade ongoing infection called a biofilm4. Granuloma- this is thought to be on the same spectrum as biofilm, so it's the body's response to the biofilm causing a hard lump in ythat area5. Necrosis- if inadvertently injected into a blood vessel or if the filler is compressing a vessel in an area which does not have a good blood supply, such as the nose, then the tissue can be starved of oxygen and die. If spotted early this is reversible though. 6. Blindness- worldwide there have been about 100 cases in 100 years of people who have become permanently blinded after injection of either fat, paraffin, silicone or dermal filler into the face. A highly unlikely but life altering issue. 7. Death- as far as I am aware there has only been one case in which this has occurred, a lady who had a lot of product injected in a high risk area and suffered a brain embolism 
So as you can see there are side effects possible with this procedure and this is why it is important to go to a provider who is very experienced with the use of these products to decrease the risk of any side effects.

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