Is it safe to do a tonsillectomy surgery one month after getting filler?

I was thinking of getting a filler on my smile lines and on my chin and also fat removal on the access skin near my jaw around the neck is it ok to do a tonsillectomy surgery 3 weeks to a one month later? Thank you

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Face/Neck Injections vs. Tonsillectomy

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Yes, this is safe to receive injections like Kybella for lower face and double chin. Having fillers injected into your nasal labial folds usually creates more of a "pudgy" and round look rather than more prominent feminine features like the cheekbones and injecting the upper cheek to then raise the folds while the final result gives you higher set cheeks and a softer appearance. I suggest you consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon who specializes in injectable fillers to give you the best advice in person.


Dr. Berger

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