How to get rid of my big teeth; would braces work? (Photo)

Hello doc, my front row teeth are too big and not straighten in order. I never wear braces before, if I do how my front teeth shape to make it smaller ? Is there any solution ?

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Are your front teeth too big? No, orthopedic issue is the problem

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 No,  the underdeveloped axilla gives you a narrow arch that makes these teeth appear overly prominent.

Ideally prior to 7 years old you would have had expansion preformed.

As an adult epigenetic orthopedics/orthodontics can grow your maxilla painlessly wider over time with a removable appliance worn 12-16 hours/day.

As you grow the posterior maxilla you will develop a full wide healthy looking smile you were genetically entitled to have.  Unfortunately your development  was disturbed leaving you with a distorted smile that makes gorgeous central incisors look to wide.  The problem is the reduced display of other remaining teeth.

Not only will you develop a great smile  but a healthier physiology as well.

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