I'm new to using Retin-A right now at the age of 20. But I'm unsure how to use correctly and how often to use it.

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RetinA is a great anti-aging product! Start slow when beginning to use it!  It is only to be apply at night before bed.  There are different strengths and they are only dispensed with a prescription from a licensed medical provider.  When used correctly RetinA helps exfoliate and thin the dead top, dull layer of your skin (epidermis) and strengthens and thickens the healthy layer of your skin (dermis).  With continuous use you will see fine lines become less apparent, large pores become less visible and smaller, and an overall healthier looking skin will be acheieved.  Sunscreen is to be used and reapplied on a daily basis when using RetinA.  

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New to Retin-A

Retin-A requires a gradual adaption of the body to its use to avoid a retinol reaction (consists of erythema, irritation of skin, etc).  Start with your retinol product slowly and gradually work your way to a strength of product and to daily or every other day.  Remember to avoid the sun when using retinols and Retin-A

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Retin A usage

We recommend using Retin A once a day in the evening just before bed is. For someone your age range the lowest dosage is probably best. Always use sunscreen when using this product as well.

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How to use Retin-A

In the U.S, Retin-A must be prescribed by a physician. The physician gives instructions with the prescription. Hopefully your doctor gave you instructions on how to use this medication and you should follow those instructions. Usually a very thin layer on the affected area every other night is done at the beginning (first 2-3 weeks). As the skin acclimates, then use can be increased to every night. The amount you squeeze on to your fingertip should be less than the size of a pea if you were, for example, treating your entire face. It is essential to minimize sunlight and to use a sunblock with a minimum SPF of 30 while on this medication.

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