How Many Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment do I have to do for deep acne scars? (photos)

These photos were taken yesterday (2 hours after laser). The doctor use line xel machine for the laser. This is actually the third time i went to laser. The first and second treatment give good results but the scars(box scars) are still deep i guess. How many times exactly i have to do the laser treatment to see obvious, almost smooth( i didnt expect to be super smooth) results? Thanks.

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Deep scarring from acne

In my experience, it is a difficult problem to deal with when you are talking about deep acne scarring.  In general it is a multifactorial approach with laser, dermabrasion, and lifting procedures that stretch the skin(like a face lift) as well as excision of some of the most deep scars.  Improvement can be expected only.  Misinformed patients will be discouraged if they do not understand.  I am seriously truthful to all of my patients, and especially to patients such as your self.  It might take a few times to see a drastic improvement.  With aging the skin will droop also, and elevation and stretching of the skin can  improve these areas.  Good luck to you.. 

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