Fat injection at tear trough and cheek bone? (Photos)

Hi, i am at day 17 post op. As u can see from my pics before and after, my tear trough went from depression to another layer of bulging under the muscle. I am disappointed as i only want the "love bands" to be prominant not the bigger eyebags. I can still feel the fat graft under eyes and they r slightly more protruding than the cheeks. Should i do some filler injection at upper cheeks under the cheek-lid junction to make the bulge less obvious? Would that make my face chubbier?

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Early days yet

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so its early for the fat to have stabilised. The swelling could easily be oedema and nothing to worry about. furthermore, the fat will remodel and flatten out over the txt three months. 

Give it at least this long before judging the final result. 

Hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

Healing after fat transfer to the tear trough

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Thank you for the photo, I would say it's very early and don't stress too much just yet. The fat that was grafted to your tear troughs is still settling and you still have swelling. Hopefully as the weeks and months go by it will look smoother and you will like it better. It's also sometimes seen that the bags you had are accentuated in the first month or two after fat grafting to the tear trough and midface. Follow closely with your surgeon and see what they have to say. Regarding discoloration or dark circles, Sometimes the appearance of the dark circles is related more to venous blood flow than a depressed tear trough.

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