Can I use the radio frequency eye device to massage eye bags to reduce swelling faster?

Hi, i am at day 25 after fat transfer to tear trough. My right side is more bulging than left side, and i still feel a bit tight when smile. My puffy dark circle becomes 2 big eyebags now. I wonder if i can use the radio frequency eye device with warm tip to massage the eyebags with some eye cream to reduce the swelling faster ? Note-my right eyes capillaries was broken during injection. It took longer time to get the blood subside but still swollen now.

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Swelling after Facial Fat Transfer--Try Venus Legacy/Radiofrequency

Absolutely, Venus Legacy or other radiofrequency treatments such as exilis can be used to soften the look and reduce swelling after facial fat transfer. See an expert for a formal consultation. Best, Dr. Emer

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