Am I developing capsular contracture 4 months post-op? (Photos)

I'm 21 years old. Both side 250 cc round textured silicone high profile under muscle. Previously was 32A and currently 34C. I'm happy with the result but after few months i realized my left breast is higher and firmer than the other side. Am i developing capsular? I dont wish to go for another surgery. Is there anyway to soften and make the drop ? Thanks!

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Early capsular contracture

There are a number of things to do to soften an early capsule.  You need to see your surgeon.There are multiple factors that contribute to the development of capsular contracture.  These include bleeding, bacteria on the surface of the implants, powder from gloves, fibers from the gauze or drapes, patient factors.  We control all the variables that can be controlled.  We use the no touch technique to handle the implants.  We employ implant massage after surgery.  We use prostaglandin inhibitors if necessary.  There is evidence that hyperbaric oxygen can be helpful.  Silicone that bleeds causes capsular contrature that increases over time:  this is one of the reasons I prefer saline implants.  

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Capsular contracture

Your left implant does look a little higher.  If it was lower, it may be from capsular contracture.  It could also be higher because it never dropped after surgery.  If you are developing capsular contracture, there are no proven interventions though some experimental things in papers.  Talk to your surgeon.

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