Bulge above belly button after tummy tuck and muscle repair? (Photo)

i have a diastasis recti and done a muscle repair surgery 6days ago..2days of surgery i took off binder my stomach is pretty flat.but in 3days my doctor pulled out my drains,4days i found my stomach was bulge out.even i not yet take a meal or after meal the bulge is same..5days i go back to doctor there he said maybe is a swollen after surgery..need some time to observe it..i really worry is it possible my muscle separate again??

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Tummy Tuck Bulges

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Hello,Thanks for your inquiry and photo!Since your procedure was so recent, I would agree with your surgeon in saying it is still very swollen and too soon to say. Swelling generally takes 4-6 weeks to subside enough to really tell if there is a complication or not. As long as you're following your board-certified plastic surgeon's post-operative recommendations, you will have good results!
Best of luck.

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