Go for braces or not? Female, 21 y/o. (photos)

My orthodontist said that i need 4 extractions if i want to wear braces. The thing is that, I'm afraid that braces will make my teeth tilting inward and my smile become narrow with large buccal corridor exposure..can those complications be avoided? How should i discuss with my dentist?..in addition to forward teeth i also concerned with my gummy smile..is it because my teeth are smaller or my upper lip is just hyper-mobile? What is the best treatment should i seek to solve both of my concerns.

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Extractions Needed for Braces?

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You absolutely DO NOT need to extract teeth before braces. You have a beautiful smile that could be made even more beautiful with a little arch development. Your "gummy smile" is the result of an underdeveloped upper dental arch. This underdeveloped dental arch can also cause sleep breathing problems. 

If you were to extract teeth your "gummy smile" would not be corrected at all, you would have a much more narrow smile with black triangles in the corners of your mouth, your upper lip would become even smaller than it already  is and your nose will look bigger. 

Find a doctor who understands epigenetic orthodontics and leave your teeth in your mouth where they belong.

Good luck!

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