Asymmetrical Eyelids After Double eyelid stitching. (photos)

i just done my double eyelid stitching on 12 Sep 16 but i think i have asymmetrical eyelids on my left eye. My left eye crease is a bit higher than right eye's causes uneven eye shapes. Not sure if swelling still exists on left eye but it looks weird to me & make me so worry abt it. IS this normal during recovery process? Do I need a revision surgery? Will swelling completely go away & how long it last? If revision surgery is needed, will that involve correcting the left eyelid only, or both?

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I agree with you but it is really too early to judge here.

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Swelling alone can contribute to asymmetry.  This makes it very difficult to judge the surgery this early.  Please be patient.  It is normal for the crease to look too high and asymmetric immediately after surgery.  It is much easier to judge this in 6 weeks.  Please consider reposting here at that time and let us know how things are going.

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You are very early in your healing process and need to give your tissues time to settle. You may find the results are what you want after to heal. Please discuss any concerns you have with your doctor.

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