Is This Man's Prominent Cheek Bones From Bone or Flesh? (photo)

This man has very prominent malar cheeks. But, what does this prominens mainly concist of? Is it mainly bone, or "fullness"? Is this something that can be achieved with fat injections - or are malar implants better suited?

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Malar implants for lack of bone development.

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Good question.  This person's cheeks have strong bone development. This is best achieved with implants not fat. Implants give the best result and the only downside by a good surgeon is a small risk of infection.

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Cheek prominence best achieved with implants

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It is very difficult to tell without a physical examination of the patient whether his cheek prominence is bone or soft tissue.  The best cheek augmentation material is silastic implants made by Implantech.  We have been performing cheek augmentation with these types of implants for over 20 years and find that the body tolerates them quite nicely.  Implants are inserted through an intraoral incision and placed directly over the cheekbone.  They come in different sizes and shapes, such as malar and submalar implants.  The correct size and shape should be determined at the time of your consultation.

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Cheek Implants For High Strong Cheekbones

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High strong cheekbones are the result of bone growth and development. They are created by the size and shape of the zygomatic complex. That look is best achieved with implants and not fat injections. Such angularity can not be created by the push of a soft substance.

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