Malar Fat Died After Bad Nose Job - Help, Someone!!!

Help, someone. I had a revision Rhinoplasty 1 year ago and ever since the op, all the fat in my cheeks has disapeared. I believe this is my Malar fat. I believe my soft tissue was damaged which affected the blood supply and it died. My cheeks look so hollow and it makes the bottom half of my face look too big. What is the best solution? Will cheek implants work?

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Facial fat loss after rhinoplasty

It is difficult to imagine how or why a rhinoplasty would result in facial fat atrophy - fat grafting would be a better option than implants

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Disappearing malar fat

I am puzzled by your problem. I don't see hoe a rhinoplasty in and of itself could cause malar fat to disappear.       there are several altenative solutions. Fat grafting if it takes is one option. Commercial fillers is another option

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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